Saturday, July 21, 2007

back where it all began

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such an innocent dream...just a castle in a themepark.
165,000 people EACH gave $1000 to jim for this?
and that's a crime?
tammy faye, ever true to her style ...
two husbands, two federal felons, and a reality show

jimmy boy, STILL hustling for his lord.
click here for proof that life goes on.

jessica hahn, the "other" woman,
holding the symbol of what fucking jim got her-
-dates with gene simmons and sam kinison,
two playboy covers, and a low-grade porn career.
click on her stylish photo for further proof.
some people seriously question my concerns with
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i was raised in a home where religion and church
was just part of what was done.
you said your prayers, you went to sunday school and church,
and you were a good person,
and you lived your life accordingly.
there were tv shows of actual church services, where the serice was the star. but gradually, the focus shifted. from the early 60s on, you'd see more and more of these sunday morning television shows, featuring crazier and crazier preachers. and they were asking YOU to send money.
well, hell, i thought that's why you'd watch it on tv--so you wouldn't HAVE to pay!
my personal disenchantment with organized religion, curiously, started to grow and blossom at about the same time.
but maybe i'm just twisted. perhaps i fail to see the link between the stories of the gospel and the giant 5,000 seat arenas in west des moines, and the monstrosity just up the street from me [first federated?], and the 700 club, jim and tammy's praise the lord club, and the vatican city [the LA diocese can AFFORD to pay $600,000,000+ to settle CHILD SEX ABUSE CLAIMS???].
yeah, i guess i'm just fucked up.
there really is no disconnect in organized religion.


the mostly reverend said...

seriously, folks--
check of jim bakker's blog--he is STILL hustling for other people's money, for "our miracle on morningside" to include:
We are just weeks away from occupying our dream - “Our miracle at Morningside.”
jim says, "My dream for a place to minister in these troubled times is so close - a place for seminars and workshops, daily Bible studies and a permanent home for our television ministry.
"I can hardly wait to see the beautiful climate controlled Grace Street -with its restaurants, shops and Grace Chapel filled with God’s people having fellowship, singing and worshiping God, doing what God says to do in the last days by assembling together! A place that will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

gee, what's that address, jim? just send it to your po box at the minnesota federal pen?

Mistress Julie said...

The Church of the Big Ring keeps getting $$$ out of me. Last contribution? A set of carbon wheels which I love by the way...and didn't even explode when I collided with the car a month ago.

Praise Jesus!!

(what's this about not going to RAGBAI?)

the mostly reverend said...

my ribs are hurting SO much.
i just rode my new track bike, and they are killing me.
i'd like to be well enough to race this weekend in omaha, but we'll see.
you know, if you were here, mistress, you could REALLY make me scream!