Wednesday, July 11, 2007

remember when this paper didn't suck?

probably not.
. . .
"the paper iowa once depended upon"
was sold to gannett in 1985,
and its 22-year slide into the shitter
has been picking up steam lately.
sadly, bicyclists aren't the only victims in its cross-hairs.
but we are definitely targeted.
gannett's legal department has been called in,
fresh from gun safety lessons from
dick cheney.
check here for the daily body count.
. . .
you think bush's popularity has hit a new low?
my little puppy LOVES to piss on the regi$ter!


Jeff Bratz said...

The editors don't care about long as an "expert" tells its a fact...its a fact. This is what they told me today. I think this makes them a part of the bicycling problem, they are spewing lies as fact, and as such making the roads more dangerous for cyclists.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rev.
Boring stage, agreed but ya' gotta give some props to Cancellara. Go on, admit it. You slid to the edge of your seat when you saw the yellow jersey appear out of nowhere to take the stage of ahead of perennially second place Mr. "I doped once back in the 90's" Zabel. I enjoyed the finale despite the fact that the break royally fuc*ed up what should have been a success for one of those four guys. That's racing on 2 wheels. Ya' never know what might happen. Just ask Boonen. I'm off to watch the end of what looks to be another boring stage today. We'll see!
Ryan-Iowa City