Monday, July 09, 2007

remembering dan on ragbrai

In 1999 when Ragbrai passed thru Dyersville,
many of us got together to visit Dan Bockestedt's grave site.
I'd like to suggest we do this again.
It will be 10 years this fall since Dan was killed.
Meet on thesteps of the Basilica of St. Francis Xavier
as we did last time for a group photo
(wear your local team jersey of choice)
and ride to the cemetary.
It's less than 2 miles.
Friday, July 27, 2007.
Time of day: 5 pm
[so everyone will have time to make it in from the road.]
Dan's brother, Paul, says he willtry to attend as well.


Squirrel said...

Thanks for this piece of Iowa cycling history.


the mostly reverend said...

dude was not only an incredible racer, he was one of the funniest son of a bitches around. squirrel, you'd have loved him.
they're ALL real losses, but block really WAS a special case.
and could he ever put the fucking hurt on you, oh my god!
you know how i love and respect THAT!