Tuesday, December 11, 2007

all this talk of christ and religion ...

... has me seeing things differently all of a sudden.
this news report really struck home.
the guy's a lawyer, for heaven's sake.
if i can't feel his pain, then what kind of cold-hearted man am i?


world famous astrologer & sermonette fan said...

December 11, 2007
Today's Outlook: A confluence of several themes builds to a peak today as the once-every-13-year Jupiter-Pluto conjunction reaches culmination. Opinionated Jupiter is fed by the intensity of Pluto, so we may be tempted to overstate our beliefs. Fortunately, a harmonious trine between congenial Venus and assertive Mars enables us to maintain our social graces while the Moon in sensible Capricorn prevents us from going overboard as we share our perspective with others.

Anonymous said...

Really obvious, but what does that matter?

I can see Uranus!