Wednesday, December 12, 2007

random, non-theological observations

sermonette readers between 300 am and 600 am today: taipei, taiwan; ruwi, oman; kokkola, finland; wakefield, u.k.; austin, texas; los angeles; des moines, west des moines, clear lake; copenhagen, denmark.
how long they stayed: between 30 seconds and over 8 minutes.
most interesting referal: from my omani visitor, who came to "today's sermonette" via a persian language google image search with key words "
fucking photos." the sermonette cames in as the fifth most popular site, with some rather stellar company.
in other random observations: despite the icy conditions, i went to the pet food store to lay in supplies for the hounds. seems it was "have your pet photographed with santa day," and a few hearty souls actually showed up. this photo was taken right after the pet assured santa that he'd been good this year.


just ride said...

Heads up reverend ,as the man with the lowest q factor in the world of bike racing is about to receive a new frame with a top secret gear pulley. That factor ain't Bill O'Really factor either ; it be the Clark factor." I'm still pedalin at a 45 degre angle .
". Cuz Clark don't got no time for the internet. He's out ridin.
Now I'm going to listen to Keith Obermann one more time before I say my prayers. Good stuff

the mostly reverend said...

welcome to blogger, new profiler! you don't live at what the real locals call "the lake," do you?

who else could possibly know about the wounded one's secret weapon?

Bart said...

Winter training, sounds like days of old with Captain Bullet riding his trainer which in turn was supposedly hooked up to a large furnace fan. Too early for thought, I believe I just saw a Shaklee clad rider THUNKING his way through a crit on a disk wheel.

the mostly reverend said...

was he on my wheel?
somewhere, jim denny has a photo of me leading mr. shaklee [can't think of his name right now--engineer from quad cities, several times iowa tt champ] with disc and dickson in his stars and stripes way off the front of the old mercy crit downtown.
would have been june, 1990. we had fun that day. i finished third and felt good about it. dickson, krueger and i took the road race the day before.

Bart said...

Jeff Boldt sir.

Do you remember Nico Verhoven showing up at the Mercy Classic? Mike Anderson of MN, off the front and gone, Mike was a sub 50 minute 40K rider. Verhoven bridged him in about 4-5 laps. They caught the pack, then Nico smoked everyone in the sprint by 20/30 meters, ouch, maybe in '89.

the mostly reverend said...

yes, and nico was "recovering" from injuries which prevented him racing in europe.

they had some mighty fine racing in downtown des moines back before the ruan grand prix. ahhhhh....

yes, jeff boldt. back when chainrings were big, with miles to match. and the races were long, hard, and occasionally run backwards.