Saturday, December 15, 2007

families and trust

we are well into the celebration of zappadan, and here at the orphanage, perhaps moreso than elsewhere, we are a bit more sensitive to the role of "family." while it may seem ironic to some, upon closer reflection and thought, it seems perfectly logical that an orphanage is the place where the family is paramount. because so many of us were born into families with a higher level of dysfunction, we strive here at the orphanage to impart a healthy, wholesome sense of family into each and every orphan ever to step foot over our well-worn oaken threshold.
it is with this in mind that today's observance of zappadan is dedicated to "family," and particularly the family of frank zappa, shown above. known for the keen interest shown in the music and legacy of its patriarch, since 1993, the zappa family selflessly has gone to great lengths to "share the love." nothing is beyond this family's kind heart, even the family spaghetti sauce, the recipe for which had been kept a carefully-guarded secret for generations.

it is with great pride that i present spaghetti and meatballs a la zappa.

dinner suggestion: serve it with lawyers.

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