Wednesday, December 12, 2007

casualties of weather

NOTE: it has come to my attention that this post is number 666 in the brief history of "today's sermonette."
as a consequence, everyone at the orphanage is enjoying champagne cookies and milk for afternoon snack.
every four years, iowans are subjected to the political equivalent of katie curic's colonoscopy. politicians, religious crazies, members of the media, and others, converge on our otherwise pleasant little home and try to uncover relevant details that either will reveal how we might behave on some particular evening in january, or will fill space on a slow news day. yesterday was just such a day, and yet the real news, it seems to me, was that the probe was shoved up the asses of the politicians for a change. how'd that happen?
let's see how native iowans reacted to a snow and ice storm:

this opossum wandered into the woods to take a pee.
this solitary couple cut cross-country ski tracks in waterworks park.

these middle school-aged kids took to the hills south of the art center.

however, these inhuman conditions prevented fred thompson surrogate mary matalin from leaving the cozy confines of barkaloungerville. meteorologists are predicting this harsh weather should break some time next march or april.

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