Tuesday, December 04, 2007

cookies? ya better goddamned believe we've got cookies!

and there's no end in sight, let me tell ya.
what are the little dickens baking tonight?
we're baking our way, alphabetically, through zappadan. the orphans not only learn their maths, but they can review their abcs. sister nun, of the above, shown here in the kitchen of the orphanage NOT in her habit [she doesn't like to drink in her formal wear, and claims the wine stains are getting harder and harder to get out] tells me that "tonight we're baking agression cookies [mixed, stirred, and rolled out by hand; literally. works out agression that way] and amish whips and chains cookies [each topped with a slow moving vehicle sign]. we'll be out here until after 200 am, and i suspect i won't be worth a bunny's b.m. tomorrow. leave us alone, will ya?"
the sista requested this zappa number, as it has always been her favorite.

watch this space for the latest in zappadan wear!

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