Tuesday, December 04, 2007

another musical gift

some of you might be familiar with karl denson.
if not, read here, from a review in the latest "hittin' the note."
either way, you'll want to listen to this: Jukebox
FLASH!! red state update!!


Squirrel said...

Tis a "Tiny Universe" ehy my friend:) I asked Teri to marry me right after we left a Karl Deneson and the Tiny Universe show back in 2000 at some po-dunk joint in Steamboat Springs....funny thing was we all walked into the place as the first customers....and low and behold the little fellow bartending was thee old drummer too "El Banyo" from Des Moines....we had a few drinks/chatted with the band before they played....that was cool....needless to say we Iowa folks got purdy fucked up for free that night....that didn't have anything too do with me dropping the question.....that I can remember:)


Anonymous said...

I'll never forget that night squirrel. I'd have to say it's one of the best shows I've ever been to. Karl was so cool. We danced our asses off. I can remember going to the bar to get another free drink and when I returned someone had taken my spot infront of the stage so Karl told them to move aside cause they where in my spot. The photos I have from that night are pretty funny. You forgot to mention the 12 inches of powder in the a.m. I remember Brian standing over me at 7 saying time to pay the fiddler. First tracks!

the mostly reverend said...

funny--i was thinking about you guys when i posted this, but i'd forgotten that it was the night the question was popped.
karl is soooo good. he played with the allman brothers when i saw them in nyc in 2006, and is sooo smooooth, as you know.
good tunage.

are we getting powder tonight?
glad i don't nose ski anymore!