Tuesday, December 11, 2007

slidin' for home

photos taken around the orphanage the past few hours

i spent some time riding around with a friend whose identity will be revealed later. we recommend mountain bikes for today.
i decided NOT to drive my bus since i couldn't find the door.
it was a little dodgy out there. even the amish were having difficulty. they described their trip to new city market [just down the street] to deliver eggs and veggies as "memorable" but not epic, claiming that since they've been doing this many years, they have a pretty realistic idea of what constitutes an effort of epic proportions. they decried younger amish who claim that simply driving a buggy in less than ideal conditions is an epic effort. said one bearded middle-aged man, "they need to tighten their bridles a bit. in a few years they'll realize how foolish they sound to others."
lance rode with me today, and claimed he froze his ball off. who am i to argue?
zappadan miracle: my scrotum returned intact.
zappadan gift today seems appropriate:


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure I remember the day that photo was taken. :)

the mostly reverend said...

which photo was that, anonny?
the horse and buggy?
[is that you, luggs?]

or the frozen face one?
[hey, squirrel!]

or the icy bus shot?
i'm sure the passengers wouldn't notice any difference, given the high-efficiency heat system those things have!