Friday, December 07, 2007

zappadan miracle!

this wonderful festival of zappadan is all about sharing, and as i was spending the wee hours of thursday night friday morning catching up with the aristocrats [christ, you spend twelve hours away, and those folks go bonobo-shit], and paul hinrichs--who always posts the best weekend videos--put one up that truly moved me. it is the video posted at the end of this entry.
it's from "sofa, the austrian music project."
delightful. what a stroll in the park should be.
well, it made me go up to the attic to dig out and set up my 1918 deacon marimba.
i'm at it again, neighbors!!


Anonymous said...

I liked your letter in velonews today. not sure how many people will catch your only-for-those-in-the-know reference (i raced in IA some last year, and rode in MN for a GP rival for a few months a year back so i think i get the picture). down here in AZ there are always lots of rumors about amateur doping by the regional strong men. it's just not that far to las farmacias mexicanas.

keep up the strong work.

the mostly reverend said...

cue the band:
"tainted love..."