Sunday, December 30, 2007

leapin' lizards!

from hound talk forums, a sighthound web place i frequent, comes this amazing display of canine athletic ability, with a funny-as-hell story. i'll share it in its entirety, but first this background: ibizan hounds are spanish hounds, smaller than my hounds at from 24 to 29 inches tall and weighing from 45 to 65 pounds. they are described as "clowns" and "escapologists," as these photos will attest. in large part, owners prefer these dogs for those very reasons.
Kadin wanted to show everyone how Ibizans really can jump over a 5ft fence. We have a 5ft fence that separates the backyard from the front yard (so at night I don't have to let them out in the whole big yard). Well, Kadin has decided it's much more fun in the big yard than the small backyard and has been leaping the 5ft fence like it's just something minor standing in his way. Today I caught him in action. He's such a brat! I saw in the guinness book of world records that the high jump for a dog was made by a Greyhound who jumped 5'8". I think Kadin could be well on his way (or at least pretty close) to beat that record! Only a few more inches...

[note kadin's clearance and playful attitude]

Kadin says good thing I jumped the fence, the pine cones are much better on the other side of the fence! [simply amazing dogs--all of these sighthounds.--the reverend]

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