Saturday, December 22, 2007

cyclist's dictionary: tough guy points

chad and i, saturday afternoon, 115-345 pm
not epic, just fun...old cross bikes with full fenders
and to the young man in the shiny, black lincoln navigator
on polk boulevard with the honking horn:
well, fuck you, too!!!
kids say the darnedest things, redux
overheard in a local coffeeshop [names have been changed, et cetera]:
luke: "zeke and i were just talking, since you've spent all this time at that [ivy league college], we'll have to help you get cleansed of all those liberal influences, and restore your conservative values."
rick: [ivy league college] isn't really all that liberal. it's old money, old conservative money."
luke: "well, not the professors."
rick: "it's kind of hard to lie, you know. any time you get a large group of intelligent people around, they're bound to be pretty liberal."


S.Fuller said...

Wonder if that kind in the Navigator was the one that beat a fellow cyclist up in that same area back in 2006???

the mostly reverend said...

well, this guy was white. and he refused or ignored [wisely, i might add] my challenge to get out and let me kick his ass.
i'll have to compare notes with dave.

Neve_r_est said...

Hmm, I rode from 11:00-3:00 Saturday but your riding conditions look to be more favorable than mine. All I got was mud saturated gravels and a killer head wind. All better now though, nice layer of ice under three inches of snow...


Anonymous said...

way to be Kim


the mostly reverend said...

i may be getting old,
but godDAMN, i'm pretty!

and i clean up well, too!

ss29er said...

Aah, beautiful to see. Reminds me of my winter running days in Duluth, MN.
Here in Portland, OR I still see wussbags runnning on treadmills in overpriced yuppy gyms.
By the way, sweet shades. What make and model?

the mostly reverend said...

i can't type and laugh out loud, ss29er!
ah yes, the about three years old, they're smith "buzzsaws" i think.

tortoise shell frames.

i love them. i found a source for replacement lens on line in france, and stocked up on several colors, including "rose." the world really DOES look better through them. i was amazed to see the ice on the lens in the photo.

and for wussbags on treadmills:

a few years ago, i was a spin instructor at the downtown ymca. several mornings a week, while running before my class began, i happned to be on a treadmill next to our former governor, terry braindead. i'd engage him in conversation about all sorts of things [he had no idea how terribly liberal i was, although he HAD been a very strong supporter of the public defender system, of which i was one], mostly just to see how easily he could run and talk.
it was maybe a year or less later that he had a heart attack.

true story.

he is now president of the local medical school, where i have had a part-time gig as a fake patient for about 5 years [remember seinfeld and kramer's stint?]