Friday, December 28, 2007

today's forecast

fun fun fun fun fun fun fun,
but be kinda careful.


Squirrel said...

Too busy stirring the pot to come and ride with us yesterday:)....I've heard some rather interesting rumors....fucking kids:) You getting out today? I have Izzy this afternoon but could get out later:)

Peace & Snow Riding

where's me mojo biatch?

the mostly reverend said...

yes--weird shit going on, but like a leaf on a pond, i'm just floating along.
lippold and i got out earlier for about three hours, then i had more work stuff to do in the afternoon.

call me about a later ride, or now that i have your address, maybe i'll just ride your mojo over and drop it off.

hope you had fun yesterday!

S.Fuller said...

Rev/Squirrel I'm on vacation this week. Would be interested in an afternoon snow ride. Rev, I think you have my #. Gimme a call or shoot me an email to lemme know what the plans are.

Squirrel said...

only thing that could have made our ride better would've been your silly ass with us and Dan being at his shop:)


Anonymous said...

rumors? Do tell.