Thursday, December 20, 2007

if they REALLY wanted to get our support at the caucuses in two weeks . . .

they'd make commercials like this

And just for the record, here’s the script (voiceover):
That’s the way patriot;
let the OPECs keep their gasoline.We’ll just tap into a far more efficient energy source….man power. If we all learn to pull our weight, nobody, nobody, will be able to siphon away . . .

. . .our High Life.

The voice. The snow. The bike. It’s both timely and classic. We need more ads like this. Sadly, these ads were cancelled a few years back.

[borrowed without express permission from]

here's another tasty use of bikes in advertising. why don't american ad folks catch on?

thanks, r.p.


Hasemörder Kønig said...

I think the add needs a snow boarder on speed.

S.Fuller said...

Nice ad. Figures that some corporate big wig wouldn't have the balls to run it.