Sunday, December 30, 2007

caution: high sugar content ahead!

to my knowledge, one of the neatest gifts given this holiday season was by a co-worker of my daughter, misty, who gave cupcakes--a box of mix, frosting with sprinkles, and paper cupcake cups. this is how they are made and enjoyed:

first, select the proper tiara.

carefully read the directions, even if they're for the pizza you ate earlier.

kindly tell your mom she'd better watch closely.

despite all the efforts of your grandfather to make you a southpaw, stir with the wrong hand, and silently break his heart as you let him know that you know you are using the wrong hand.

keep your tiara properly fitted.

keep the men waiting, as dad voices his displeasure at the patriot's comeback.

carefully spoon the batter into the cups.

know when enough is enough; learn to trust your instincts.

carefully apply the magic sprinkles.

gently but firmly tell your mom that she has to wait before she can have one.

note: the ones sent home with me were pretty damned good. thanks, misty!

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