Sunday, December 23, 2007


they can pose a head injury hazard to riders in a fall.
plus, they're uncomfortable, they obstruct your hearing, they'll mess up your hair, they cost too damned much, if you DO crash they'll get all fucked up and you'll have to replace them, they give you a false sense of security by making you think that you'll be saved just by wearing one and then you won't really learn how to ride a bike defensively AND aggressively to protect and secure your rightful place on the road, plus who wants to have to buy a new one every year just because the folks in r&d managed to shave another 10.0 grams off the total weight of your wallet.
for more info, read here.
to learn more about a helmet that has NEVER been the subject of a recall, click here.
now, get out there and be safe--the RIGHT way.

...and maybe earn some money while doing so...for real!

but hurry, you only have until june 1, 2008,

to crash and be famous.

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