Sunday, December 09, 2007


the world of organized bicycle racing may never be the same!!
nebraska pirates, are you reading this?
Thanks to each of you for coming out and enjoying the first RenegadeCyclocross race. It was a blast and I look forward to doing more of these in the future (possibly even nextmonth)! Although 13 riders isn't exactly a packed field, I feel good about gettingover a dozen racers when the temp was only 9 degrees. Plus, it was awesome to have as many spectators aswe did racers.Now, can just keep Kyle 'The Garden Gnome' Sedore from tacklingracers, we may just be able to use the races to increase our fitness levels.
see fry guy's photos here
mark your calendars: december 8, 2007
there just might never be another usa cycling-sponsored race in iowa
expect to see this sucker showing up all over the damned place.
thanks, boys and girls!!


Anonymous said...

I would like to say THANKS to the Cross Mafia for putting on such a great event. I hope to see many more like this in the Des Moines area.


S.Fuller said...

Dittos. This FOG had a heck of a lot of fun yesterday. I might have to figure out how to get a cross bike into the stable for next year...

the mostly reverend said...

i was dee lited to see YOUR mug in amongst fry guy's smug mugs.

i have great ideas on how to build a better [read: cheep] cross bike. ask me.

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S.Fuller said...

Mmmm blog spam. Tasty.

Bart said...

The photos showed some pink flesh, looks like all were having a great time!