Saturday, December 08, 2007

for our long-suffering friends from the north

our hero sits, alone, contemplating his future
nothing cheers our dewey-eyed pal like a bike ride. to help him, here are a couple of his favorite tunes. this first one is just the thing to turn any unpleasant discovery into something very positive.
it will help you pass the time--what, just a year or so, adam?--while you practice your mea culpas.

this second one greeted our hero every time he climbed up mt krumpet at the recent jingle cross rock race.
it made him smile, and isn't that important?
you mean i can't do helium, either?


Bart said...

I almost forgot it's the anniversary of John Lennon's death. Imagine..............

the mostly reverend said...

in what is bound to be a shocking revelation to pastor pete [who won't see this because he's busily digging through the archives searching for "proof" of my prior statements of belief in a "god"], when i showed my 3 year-old granddaughter nyla the photos from this blog entry [as i thought she would know yertle the turtle--and she did], she said right away "there's franklin!"

who the hell is franklin?
is he some famous cartoon hero?

i did not show her the baby jesus butt plugs, however. i was killing time waiting to bid on an eBay item, and thought she'd enjoy the sermonette.

it's the secret of raising your [grand]child tobe an open-minded human being.