Friday, December 21, 2007

eat your cookies, frank. we made them just for you!

ageless, never far from our thoughts nor our turntables
here are some other well-wishers:

it's been a great zappadan, hasn't it?
now clean up, and get the hell out of here.
by the way, while i'm out riding my bike, after i finish posting this, some loyal reader will be lucky reader #80,000. if you are, and you KNOW it, let me know. if not, i will try to track you down and give you a special treat.
and thanks, all, for making this zappadan such a fun time.


Anonymous said...

just missed it, 79,986


S.Fuller said...

80008. Dammit. How about I get the special treat since the number is so symmetrical and I'm local? :)

the mostly reverend said...

we DO have a winner, and our systems analysts in d'jabooty is attempting to locate the lucky reader/visitor.
we hope to bring you details as soon as they become available.

ooo! isn't this exciting?