Friday, December 14, 2007

thursday's democratic debate--by david yepsen

Give Thursday’s debate among the Democratic presidential candidates to the second tier candidates, particularly Joe Biden. Biden, Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson turned in some of their best debate performances of the 2008 campaign and were the day's biggest gainers. Biden’s showing was the best of the day. The top tier contenders - Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards - all had excellent afternoons. But nothing happened or was said to knock Obama off his stride. Since he leads in the polls in Iowa, the event still leaves him ahead in the contest. As for Biden, how can you lose when everybody else on the stage is praising your record on civil rights, literally applauds you and the frontrunner offers testimony on your behalf? You can’t. And unlike some of his past debate performances in which he seemed strident or comical, Biden was cool, commanding and presidential in this one. --from the des moines register
consider these poll numbers from december 17, 2003:
Howard Dean 23%; Wesley Clark 10%; Joe Lieberman 10%; Richard Gephardt 6%; Al Sharpton 5%; John Kerry 4%; John Edwards 2%; Carol Moseley-Braun 1%
time to consider joe biden

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