Tuesday, December 04, 2007


the Iowa State Association of Counties(ISAC) is going to propose language to the legislature that gives immunity to municipalities for bicycling related injuries. Iowa Code section 670.4 would add a new exemption for:
"Any claim based upon an act or omission of a municipality in the design, construction or maintenance of a public road by a person injured while operating a non-motorized vehicle, if the road was designed, constructed and maintained as required for motor vehicle traffic."
any thoughts or comments, folks?


S.Fuller said...

I'm not completely sure I like the wording of this. The way I read this, if I get in a bike accident and the root cause was poor road maintenance the county cannot be held liable. Basically, if you don't like how we maintain our roads, too bad. I was expecting the language to make the counties exempt in the case of organized rides (RAGBRAI, BRAMCO, etc). The way it reads now, it almost makes me wonder if they would even be required to attempt to repair a flaw I report in a road surface if it doesn't affect a car.

Bart said...

Don't wait, write your local Iowa state reps from the house and senate.

Buckshot77 said...

Why doesn't it surprise me that they're attempting to screw is in an even more fun and imaginative way? I wonder if the Amish have a dog in this fight since they operate non-motorized vehicles on roadways too.

Anonymous said...

Let's not hang our hat on the Amish lobbyists... :)


Mistress Julie said...

And I thought Utah was messed up. It could be worse. I could live in Iowa.

the mostly reverend said...

if you lived here, i'd be happy riding my bike less...

[can you hear the birds chirping and the butterflies fluttering?]

Anonymous said...

What do ya know, RAGBRAI pulled a fast one and went and ruined cycling for everyone.


the mostly reverend said...

sounds ironic, coming from you, doesn't it?

time to bust out the marne t-shirts:
they've killed ragbra!
you bastards!

the mostly reverend said...

i realize this is slightly off-topic, but to readers [or monitors, for the faint at heart] who think i go a little too far over one edge or the other,
try this one [and follow some links]:


all i'm saying is that if the heat seems a little high, it doesn't necessarily mean you have no business in the kitchen.
it might just mean you're in the wrong damned house.
that's all.

Pete Basso said...

Nicely done Kim, you have yet again reached another record low. Jesus butt-plugs? I'm sure your little grandkids will be proud of you.

I have a question for you...are you an equal opportunity offender? Why not pick on Budda, Allah, Mohammad, Joseph Smith or other religious idols? Its pretty easy to pick on peace loving people who only want whats best for your heart. What have TRUE Christians done that have caused such hate in your heart that you have to lash out like you do?

Again, if Jesus doesn't exist then why do you spend so much time trying to prove he doesn't exist?Is it because you know deep down inside your heart that Jesus' walk is real?

In your true double-speak ways you say that Christians are not tolerant of others, yet you, (atheist / agnostics), are the ones who protest everything we Christians do but allow other religions their freedoms. I believe it is the agnostics / atheists that are the intolerant ones.

To answer your question...The heat in the kitchen is not too much for me, I can handle it. As for being in the right house? I believe I'm right where I need to be my friend.

little orphan ralph said...

i can think of two cases off of the top of my head (literally)

1. richard gossen, decorah iowa 2002. wheel fell into a grate.

2. our good friend keith.

who is liable? the engineering companies?
who cleans the streets and trails?

S.Fuller said...

I agree, it was completely off topic. Probably better placed in a separate post if you felt the need to bring it to your readers' attention.

the mostly reverend said...

naw, it's like hiding easter eggs:

there are always some right out in the open.

there are others hidden well enough that you don't find them until later in the afternoon, after you've eaten all the ones you found earlier.

the really well-hidden ones only get found if you're a very good snoop, or if you're looking for something else several weeks later and you come upon them, and they are so old if you eat them, you'll get sick.

i think pete found a really old one.

Bart said...

Reminds me of mystery meat from the k-12 days.